Sunday, 28 April 2013

High on a HIll

As I mentioned before, I had come up against a bit of a creative block where my designs were concerned. So I thought it might be good to blow those cobwebs away by stitching up someone else's designs. Luckily the perfect project leapt at me from one of my favourite Facebook pages, 

In Caroline's Etsy shop she sells (amongst all the other amazing and beautiful artwork) a brilliant PDF colouring book, Colour Me Happy, which is perfect for turning into embroidery patterns, so I downloaded this and chose
a design. (there are 10 to choose from).

Making a start - using trellis filled in with French knots.

Flowers are a great way of using lots of colour and stitch variety.

I chose a vibrant turquoise linen to stitch on and used some gorgeous Weeks Dye Works over-dyed 
embroidery floss (a favourite of mine at the moment)
I scaled the design up slightly and this fitted nicely in to my 10" hoop, so quite large.

An overall view - about an hour into The Hobbit by now!

I transferred this design using a light box and a pencil but you could transfer it which ever way you 
find easiest.
I might do a post on different transfer methods? would anyone like that?

And here it is finished! It only took me a week!, I stitched through the whole of The Hobbit and then a bit here and there in the evenings 

If you'd like to do this yourself please visit Caroline's Etsy shop for the downloadable booklet
It's great and I intend to stitch lots more from it (which I'll share with you) 
A bonus was that whilst I stitched my little one could sit and colour in some more print-outs! 

Keep a look out here for stitch tutorials on some of the stitches that you see here .

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  1. I love this! You have totally inspired me to get stitching, I keep seeing pictures I could turn into embroidery now!

  2. Hello! (sorry I missed your comment yesterday! Thats great that you want to get stitching! the possibilities are endless. I see it as a bit like colouring in with thread. I'll be posting some patterns on here that will have for sale soon and also there might be the odd freebie too! Thanks you Jox

  3. Oooh! Lovely new blog :-). I'd love to learn how to transfer pictures onto fabric for embroidering. I don't have a lightbox though, would that be a problem? Looking forward to more from you. I love your embroidery picture. Very motivating!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I'm hoping to do a post on different ways of transferring, so not all of those use a light box, some transfer pens and even your home printer.

  4. I love it Jo! such happy colours and such a fun design :)

  5. Thank you Elaine! Not a technical embroidery at all but i enjoyed using the colours .

  6. That is GORGEOUS. Though you used a coloring book page, you still needed the skill and knowledge to selected colors and stitches that would transform this into a masterpiece. Beautifully done.

    *Found you through pinterest. Now obsessed with this project. Thank you!